Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Toilet training Leia - seriously

I wrote an entry about Toilet training Leia November last year but i wasn't so serious in executing it back then. Leia is 2 yrs 4 mths today and last weekend i started to get serious with my mission to toilet train her. The first 2 days were a bit tough with a few 'accidents' but now i think she has understood the concept of pee-ing in the toilet. Day 4 has been going on quite well so far with only 1 'accident'.
Toilet training can be exhausting and takes up most of my time but the reward is priceless. Since i started toilet training Leia, i would post every development on facebook and a few mummy friends would ask me for tips. My only tip is to not let the children tell you that they want to go to the toilet but bring them to the toilet every couple of hours instead eventhough they say they don't feel like going. A parent must also be very patient and don't easily give up. There are no such as thing as too early or too late to start toilet training a child but i wouldn't want to open a 4/5 year old diaper with poop inside. Bleurghhhhh!!!

Alhamdulillah my children are considered easy to toilet train. I didn't have much trouble with Luq too last time and i NEVER had to clean up poop from the floor bcoz they would tell me each time they want to poo.
To parents out there who are or will start toilet training your children, GOOD LUCK!

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